We’re helping kids bounce back from emotional trauma and academic failure through the

Power of Play


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Emotional Trauma

Life for the children in our community can seem hopeless and discouraging. Trauma is a daily experience for many of our kids. Whether it is due to hunger, poverty, or physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, trauma is their reality. More than 80% of our children live in poverty. Over 21% of them have experienced abuse or neglect.

Academic Failure

41% of 3rd grade students are failing the IREAD-3 test, prohibiting them from advancing to 4th grade.

Only 13% of students in our local elementary school, passed both the English/Language Arts and Math portions of the ISTEP test last year.


We believe transformation happens when you combine…


Caring Adult Relationships

Children experience a postive, caring adult relationship through our Coach-Mentors. A Coach-Mentor is a volunteer who has committed to loving and walking with the children in our program. Whether they are playing basketball, building robots, or creating a new coding program, our Coach-Mentors are our children's biggest fans.


Connectedness with Peers

By learning from one another, working with each other, and even through competition, our children begin to understand that we are better together. They experience a sense of belonging as they work together towards a common goal.


Kingdom-Minded Character Development

Children learn how the Gospel can transform their lives as we seek to live the way God has called us to. Through intentional Gospel conversations and real-world applications, youth learn that hope and purpose can be found in Christ alone.


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