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Meet Our Staff: Kelli Webster, Community Coordinator

The next staff member up on the blog is Kelli Webster, our Community Coordinator for Brookside Elementary School IPS #54! Even though you may not see her every day at Play, Kelli fills an important role for our organization. Working primarily out of the school, Kelli serves as a connector between Brookside Elementary, the students, their parents, and the many after school programs offered in the neighborhood. 

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Why Play Is Important To Me

As the mom of 8 children and the foster-mom to over 20 children, I have seen first-hand the power of play. When many of my children came to live with us, they didn’t know how to play. We placed toys in front of them but they sat and stared. We took them to the playground but the swings made them feel unsteady and afraid. We had one very special therapist come into our lives that worked diligently with our children. She relied solely on play.

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