New Summer Play Shirts!

This is officially the third year of Summer Play! 

Since 2016, we've been spending every Tuesday night in June and July at Brookside Park from 5-8pm. Each year we've seen the crowds grow as more and more people experience the Power of Play.

If you haven't checked out a Summer Play event, make it a priority to visit this year. This free event for all ages is all about promoting safe play in the Brookside neighborhood. With the help of countless volunteers, each week we set up different game stations for families to participate in. We offer activities like basketball, soccer, crafts, relay races, and even the 4-way tug o' war! We crank up the music and throw in some playful giveaways. 

This year we decided to do a revamp on the Play t-shirts that we hand out to adult volunteers. We once again worked with HellothisisJeff Design to create a shirt that is fun to wear and also communicates what we're all about. We hope you enjoy it!

If you're interested in serving at Summer Play, you can register here!