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Meet Our Staff: Natalia Blondet

Natalia Blondet serves as the Play Director for Brookside Community Development Corporation. She is responsible for the growth, quality, and development of youth programming. Natalia’s primary responsibility as Play Director is to manage the day-to-day operations of Play programming.

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New Summer Play Shirts!

Since 2016, we've been spending every Tuesday night in June and July at Brookside Park from 5-8pm. Each year we've seen the crowds grow as more and more people experience the Power of Play.

This year we decided to do a revamp on the Play t-shirts that we hand out to adult volunteers. We once again worked with HellothisisJeff Design to create a shirt that is fun to wear and also communicates what we're all about. We hope you enjoy it!

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This Is Real Life...

Confession Time:  I’ve been in a real funk for the past couple of months. I have felt myself becoming burdened by the stress and responsibility of running Brookside Community Play. Last year was so exciting because everything was brand new. It was the first time we had ever tried to create Summer Play events where hundreds of families from the community could come together on Tuesday nights to build relationships. It was the first time we had ever launched a play-based after school program that would focus on providing a safe environment where kids from our neighborhood could experience the love and hope that a gospel-centered community can offer.

When everything is new, the mountain that needs to be climbed seems to be within reach. When everything is new, you have no idea what it will take to pull off the vision. You just do it because there is no other option.

Last year everything was new, but this year…

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